Phoenix Rising Studio helps women express their divinity through photography. Our aim is to create inspiring personalized experiences that nourish women’s intimate connections to themselves and Mother Earth.

Phoenix Rising Studio centres in finding the fire within.  


Founder, Vero Diaz, draws from her own journey to help guide and inspire others to step into their own magnificence.  Phoenix Rising will help you find your creative expression using ritual and performance art.  The methodology is rooted in the belief that all is sacred and all is one. 

Vero Diaz has been assisting artists and artisans locally and internationally in finding their inner creative voice. Techniques have been developed over the span of 10 years and in diverse geographical areas, such as, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Phoenix Rising Studio launched in June of 2016. 



How was the experience?

Working with Vero is an initiation into total goddess embodiment and confidence. I had the most amazing experience with Vero in Joshua tree desert (California) as I felt completely comfortable to be seen in all ways by her and her camera. I radiated forth in dance and sensuality and had the most nourishing experience as I trusted her to hold me, guide me and capture me in beautiful ways.
— Keidi