Photo Ceremony

It is a photographic experience suited for you in this very moment. Together we curate a process to embody your highest expression and launch your path. I highlight your true essence and guide you through a courageous transformation to create an image that will serve as an anchor to your wildest dreams.

This image will help you manifest as it assists you to see who you are dreaming to become as you have a tangible representation to keep your belief high. You must see it and believe it. It connects to the Universal Law of Manifestation and Law of Cause and Effect.

I witness your RAW state, in your present << Transformation >> or in your b e c o m i n g
I have 3 spots reserved per month from May till September.
Nevertheless, you will be guided through a detailed personalized photo ritual to jump start your ⁣ D R E A M Y o u.⁣
I have worked with over 30 womxn and non-binary people to burst out of their cocoons through ritual photography. This experience activates each individual’s ecstasy through a self-image portrait journey.⁣


More Magic

Sacred Portraits

Craft a creative photo session just for you! Bring your full self and celebrate your life, your birthday, your greatest milestone, or have a photographic experience with your soulmate or soul sisters.

Create a photographic experience that will last forever.

Branding Images

These are sacred images that capture your personal artistic composition.

This detailed session will give you creative images that suit your needs.





We assist heart inquiries, soul wonderings, and life challenges through intuitive conversation with visual arts. We consider personal stories and invite our ancestral knowledge and medicine from the South, Abya Yala (known as Latin America). 



We provide spaces for creative exploration. We are experts on going deep and find the creative voice in a warm fashion.  



This is a promo video for Peru Flow's Ritual Arts which invites you to craft your own wellness ritual. It assists women and children in building their own wellbeing practice for best performance. incorporates the play, ritual, mysticism, and color of Pre-incan and Andean cosmology. Peru Flow’s mission is to offer soulful yet easy to follow techniques to wellness, and to reclaiming our soul missions in these important times.