It is time to Rise

New session in May

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

― Anais Nin

Become you own accountability partner - learn how to stick to your priorities and promises

Learn ways to chip away to your dreams and desires with daily action steps

Learn healthy ways of expression through creative practice

Develop a gentleness practice to express your true feelings and freeing your artistic expression (as we all have a creative side)

Learn how to journal and learn the power of sacred creativity from my years of being a Professional artist and committing to a daily creative practice

Work with TECILLI method for your transformation


8 week Course Outline

Live sessions: Tuesdays 7- 8 pm EST - MAY New Session


Open yourself to the deep mysteries, reclaim your full self, embody your truth and create your own personalized framework that will activate your legacy in 8 weeks!

I am in a loss of words, you have given me such a gift. You are paving the way forward. You also gave me the necessary tools to make confident strides.
— Jessica Zepeda, Performer
Working with Vero is an initiation into total goddess embodiment and confidence. I had the most amazing experience with Vero in Joshua tree desert (California) as I felt completely comfortable to be seen in all ways by her and her camera. I radiated forth in dance and sensuality and had the most nourishing experience as I trusted her to hold me, guide me and capture me in beautiful ways.
— Keidi Pushi, Inuitive Advisor, Healer


$1,199 CAD + HST

Pay in Full and receive:

  • Bonus Self-Love Manual

  • 30 minute Goddess Reading valued at $150

  • Draw for a Reiki Distance Healing Session valued at $150

  Total Program valued at: $10,000

A payment plan is available upon inquiry. :)


"Say no more, I'm ready to fly"

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Guide and Facilitator: Vero Diaz

Vero is an acclaimed creative channel that deeply understands how to hold space for the divine feminine to blossom. She has helped women discover their sexy, their unique attributes, and a new found zest with their personal relationship with their bodies and creativity.

Vero has developed an innovative methodology called TECILLI (cocoon in Nahuatl - Mexica Aztec language) during her Masters that bridges spirituality, ancestrality, and healing through the body, mind, and spirit with creativity as the driving force.  As Founder of Phoenix Rising Studio, she uses TECILLI methodology through photography where she has guided and witnessed over 30 one-on-one clients say "yes" to themselves, rise to their potential, and unleash deep desires.

Vero is a professional artist and has exhibited in places like Harbourfront Centre, Toronto Public Library, York University, and Gallery 44. She has been teaching arts and creativity for over 10 years at Jumblies Theatre, VibeArts, Art Flow in the Park, Poder, Button Factory, and more.

Vero has supported many women through their initiation into total goddess embodiment and confidence - she first started with her own liberation during her Masters studies.  Vero created a one woman show under d'bi young's mentorship called Red Surrender - a biomythical personal journey of Astral Initiation as a medicine woman while taking on ancestral roles that have been dormant since colonization.  Poetry was another key to her liberation.  It was the way she was able to communicate with herself and uncover her own emotional landscape.  Vero also developed her methodology through her Self-portraiture journey working with her wedding dress during the process of de-coupling and exploring different forms of loverships.